Nursing Services

Our commitment to our clients and the families that we serve is: CARE WITH A PERSONAL TOUCH.


Private Duty Nurses (PDNs) are clinically trained caregivers who are typically Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), or Registered Nurses (RNs).  ENHHC recruits, screens and hires certified, licensed, or registered caregivers with the proper level of education, criminal background clearance, professional reference, character reference and kills to meet your loved one’s particular physical and emotional needs.


Our Nurses provide skilled care in the home:

  • Diabetic Care Management
  • Wound Care Management
  • Cardiac Care
  • Pediatric Care
  • Post-operative Care
  • Respiratory Care
  • Oxygen Management
  • Parenteral & Enteral nutrition therapy
  • Diagnosis teaching and Instructions
  • Safety Measures
  • Instructions on medication regimen
  • IV therapy, Infusion


Our clinical team includes: the Director of Nursing and Nurse Managers are board certified with over 20 years experience in pediatric nursing and caring for the elderly. Each person in the clinical team along with RN Supervisors will ensure that only those trained and licensed professionals will handle the most tedious and involved medical task for your loved one.  We work with your physician and other health professionals to develop an appropriate plan of care to be carried out in the home by a licensed or certified caregiver with the care and respect that they deserve.  We support family and family caregivers by empowering them to actively participate in the patient care process, establishing goals and assist in normalizing their lives.

In the home setting, Private Duty Nurses (CNAs, LPNs, or RNs) will perform the following medically related task according to their level of education, skill and as prescribed by the physician:

  • Alerting family, other caregivers and the primary physician of any changes in patient’s physical and/or emotional symptoms.
  • Providing routine patient care such as changing dressings, periodic turning and positioning in bed
  • Administering medication including injections, inhalants, eye drops, oral, and topical medications as prescribed by a physician
  • Providing care and support for those with chronic and life threatening diseases and conditions
  • Supervising and monitor patient diet, nutrition and weight
  • Providing care to patient’s with stable gastrostomy (G-Tube), jejunostomy (J-Tube), nasogastric tube (NG-Tube) feedings (Intermittent or continuous).
  • Care of individuals who need intravenous nutrition or drug therapy
  • Monitoring patient’s respiratory status, especially patients who need device-based respiratory support to include: ventilator machines, tracheotomy (Trach) care, suctioning and oxygen support
  • Respite cae or convalescent care;
  • Directs patient in good health habits
  • Provide initial and ongoing training to family caregivers in maintaining the patient’s well-being, disease management and safety.

In-home skilled nursing or private duty nursing can be customized to meet your family’s needs and budgets with caregivers often able to work anywhere from four to twelve hour rotating shifts, 24 hours a day, seven days per week, on holidays or as needed.

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Nurse with elderly patient